Platform edge at a train station with the warning - Mind The gap - painted in white on the edge of the tracks High angle close up view of police in a patrol car showing the number of the vehicle on the roof and sleeve of the police officer through the window Overhead View of Police Car Showing Roof with Car Number Police car with a high angle view of the rear boot and the yellow neon stripe with the word - Police - on the side High angle view of a police car with the patrol car number and blue lights visible on the roof and a police officer sitting in front Close Up of Many Parallel Rail Lines in Rail Yard Interior of an enclosed road tunnel with a dual lame highway and cars and vans travelling away from the camera approaching a bend Interior of a road tunnel with traffic with cars and trucks passing around a curve in the road Road Level View of Road Tunnel with Yellow Lighting Jet trail or contrail formed by condensation of vapor and ice particles streaking through a blue sky at sunset with colorful pink clouds Jet trail or contrail in an evening sky with colorful pink clouds of condensed water vapor from a passing aircraft Swiss Army Knife with Swiss Francs on Pink Background Shot from Above Swiss army knife opened to display the tools and gadgets in colorful red, pink and purple light with copyspace Telescope at the coast overlooking the sea for tourists to view the ocean, coastline and passing ships Blurred Shot of Traveling Fast Through Rail Tunnel Motion background of a rail tunnel disappearing into the distance as a train travels through at speed in a travel, transport and commuting concept Blurred receding view of a rail tunnel taken from a moving train disappearing in to the darkness in a rail travel, commuting, and vacation concept Low Angle View of Airplane Vapor Crossing in Cloudy Sky Vapor trails in a dark moody sky with heavy cloud cover at sunset criss-crossing the sky showing the routes of aircraft Wing tip of an airplane flying over cloud with a beam of bright sunlight in a travel, flying and vacation concept Low Angle View of Forecastle Bow of Yacht Against Cloudy Sky Yacht forecastle with a closeup view showing the bow and front mast with its rigging and stays against a cloudy sky

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See what exotic (and not so exotic) locations we've been off traveling to with our camera...... and our tripods, and filters, and lenses, and flashes, and laptops, and memory cards, and guide books; yeah we love it all - including the waterproof jackets and the "way too early to get out of bed" starts to catch the morning light.

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Rule Britannia.


A Tropical Island Getaway


# I come from a land downunder.....


Scotlands Second City, a beautiful place to visit.


Quaint fishing village on the yorkshire coast - uk


Full of Eastern Promise... and Neon!.


It's grim up north... or is it?

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