Bardsey Island off the Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, Wales, an important religious pilgrimage destination since medieval times with an early monastery Sheep Resting on Green Landscape with Bardsey Island View Afar, the Legendary Island of 20,000 Saints, lies off the Llyn Peninsula in the Welsh County of Gwynedd. Extensive view of the Anglesey coastline and bay with a calm blue ocean, rocky cliffs and green plateau, Wales, UK Beautiful Tranquil Panorama View from Famous Snowdonia at National Parks in Wales on a Cloudy Sky Above. A view to the mainland from Ynys Llanddwn on angelsey, wales. Silhouette View Towards the Welsh Mainland from Romantic Beach of Llanddwyn Island During Afternoon. View across the ocean of the distinctive black and white tower of the Trwyn Du Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales Lighthouse off a headland on the coast of Anglesey, Wales to warn shipping of a hazard Menai Straits bridge connecting the island of Anglesey to mainland Wales Wylfa Power Station, a nuclear power station situated just west of Cemaes Bay on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. Old stone factory ruins in a mountain valley with an old iron smelter and chimney, view from above Ruins of an old factory with stone walls and an old iron smelter viewed high angle in a valley Ruins of an old factory with just the remnants of the stone exterior walls with window and door openings still standing viewed from a high angle Background texture of hundreds of empty bi-valve seashells , full frame Background texture of dried empty bivalve seashells lying in a random heap, overhead full frame view Textured View of Plenty Dried Shells from the Beach. Can be Used for Wallpaper Background. Stone circle or natural granite megaliths in a green field conceptual of pixies , fairies and witchcraft Famous Ancient Stone Circle on Grassy Landscape, Surrounded by Tall Trees. Old stone wall with window openings in a ruined building, low angle looking up against blue sky

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