Roadside chef in the mountainous region of China seated at a table serving customers with his ingredients and condiments Decorated Horns of White Ox Animal on a Caravan Event in China Close up Healthy Red Rose Hip Fruits of Rosa Rugosa Plant in China. Can be Used for Medicine. Famous Structure of Old Vintage Rural Stone Arch Bridge in China on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Traditional Urban Streets with Building Structures Along the Canal Side in China Architectural Huge Buildings at Chinese Urban Street with Busy Random People. Beautiful Panorama View of Huge Chinese Mountain During Sunset Time. Panoramic scenic landscape with high mountain range in the warmth and light of the sun, at twilight Random Visitors at Famous Chinese Attraction, Forbidden City Temple in Beijing, on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Famous Forbidden City Temple Building in China on Light Blue Gray Sky Background. Forbidden City Temple Building- An Attraction in Beijing China Famous Attraction of Vintage Architectural Forbidden City Temple in China on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Random Tourists at Famous Forbidden City Temple, the Imperial Palace, Located in China. Captured on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Random Tourists at Famous Temple of Heaven in China, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Famous Huge Historic Temple of Heaven in China, Known as Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Captured with Random Visitors on Light Blue Gray Sky Background. Largest Building in Temple of Heaven, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, in Beijing China Vintage Architectural Long Temple Pathway with Artistic Decorations in China Beautiful Attraction of Famous Vintage Architectural Huge Temple Structure Located in China. Attractive Architectural Chinese Temple in Exterior View Emphasizing the Traditional Rooftop Design Famous Historic Architectural China Temple Building Captured in Lighter Blue Gray Sky Background. Walkway with Decorations at a Temple in China Artistic Decorations of Famous Old Vintage Chinese Temple Building in China. Artistic Ceiling and Column Detailed Design of Famous Vintage Chinese Temple in China. Old Vintage Architectural Chinese Temple Structure Detailed Design on Lighter Blue Sky Background. Close up Small Artistic Sculptures at Vintage Temple Roof in China. Scenic view of a forest of snow covered trees on a cold grey winter day for a weather or nature background Aerial View of Various Trees Filled with Snow During Winter Holiday Season Background of evergreen winter trees blanketed in snow on a cold winter day conceptual of nature, weather and the seasons Close up Christmas Tree Field Covered with Snow During Winter Season. Attractive Colorful Neon Lights From Various Commercial Buildings in Chinese City View at Night Time. Attractive City Neon Lights From Various Commercial Buildings at Night Time in China. Attractive Glowing Neon Lights From Various Establishments in a Chinese City During Night Time. Sweetcorn hanging drying in large bundles for food with a line of washing under an open-air roof on a farm Close up Vintage Golden Qing-era Guardian Lion at Famous Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Pond full of ornamental colorful orange goldfish bred as decorative pets for their coloration and symbolic of luck and wealth Famous Historic Great Wall of China Structure on Top of the Hills in Panoramic View. Famous Stone Made Great Wall of China on Hills. One of the Wonders of the World. Captured on Very Light Blue Sky Background. View along a deserted section of the Great Wall of China towards one of the outlook towers and the distant mountains on a misty day Great Wall of China - Famous Ancient World Attraction on Hill Top of Beijing Great Wall of China built to defend the Empire snaking across mountains and valleys on a misty day with smog Distant hotel lobby viewed looking down the central open circular well of the building from a dizzy height many storeys up in the air Close up of aromatic burning incense sticks or joss sticks in a Chinese Buddhist temple

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