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Wiltshire - County of Wilts

Bordered by Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire and home to Avebury and Stonehenge.

avebury henge
1875x2500 (1561kB)
avebury neolithic henge
2500x1875 (1312kB)
clock details
1875x2500 (1127kB)
neolithic ditch
2500x1875 (1825kB)
old building
2500x1875 (1731kB)
salisbury cathedral carvings
1677x2500 (864kB)
salisbury cloister2
2500x1706 (868kB)
salisbury silhouette
2500x1648 (737kB)
salisbury spire
1661x2500 (807kB)
salisbury tower
1667x2500 (746kB)
2500x1875 (1327kB)
stonehenge daytime
2500x1875 (1273kB)
stonehenge monument
2500x1875 (1042kB)
stonehenge summer
2500x1875 (1760kB)
stonehenge sunrise
2500x1875 (622kB)
stone cricle
2500x1875 (1227kB)
stone henge
2500x1875 (1272kB)
wiltshire stone henge
2500x1546 (1077kB)

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