View over a calm ocean on a stormy overcast day of Scottish lochs and distant mountains Background texture of assorted sealife with cockles, whelks, and crustaceans washed up on a rocky seashore on a sunny day Background texture of opened cockle shells in a rock pool with a sea snail or gastropod on top Private hand written rustic wooden No Camping sign on an open plot of grassy land on a misty day Old wooden blue painted rowing boat moored in sheltered water with a reflection and copyspace Wooden rowboats moored on the lake at Llanberis, Gwynedd, North Wales on a cloudy day Small boat on Llyn Padam lake near Llanberis in Gwynedd, North Wales with rugged mountains on a misty day Colorful purple foxgloves growing on the coast on a cliff top overlooking the beach and calm sea Seascape with the roof of a remote cottage or shed just visible above the headland overlooking a stormy sea on an overcast day Deserted sandy beach with golden sand and a calm blue sea on the Scottish coast with a headland in the distance Seaweed background texture with green fronds in the intertidal region of a marine seashore, full frame view Background texture of broken seashells and smooth water worn pebbles washed up by the tides on a seashore View looking up at the pretty silvery leaves of silver birch trees against a clear sunny blue sky in a nature background High angle view of a speedboat and skier in a wetsuit speeding away from the camera in a depiction of extreme sport and outdoor activity Narrow natural stone steps on a footpath leading between two old weathered drystone walls covered in green mold and moss Rustic steps on a rural hiking trail or footpath meandering up hill through open woodland View across the water of the picturesque lighthouse at Stornoway, Outer Hebrides Stream flowing through a gorge in a mountain valley in Wales bordered by mature lush green woodland Fiery ocean sunset with the bright glowing sun surrounded by a halo casting a beam across the water to a silhouetted cliff on the Scottish coast Backlit spiny flower heads of the teasel plant, Dipsacus sativus, providing an important source of winter seeds for birds Double waterfall cascading down a mountain slope over rocks into a pool below through lush green woodland in a scenic landscape Small waterfall cascading down the mountainside over black rocks as the water flows downstream, close up view Wet weather in the Welsh hills with low cloud cover and mist over lush green countryside Rustic thatched white house with rough plastered walls in the Hebridies Western Isles used as a hostel Old rotten dried tree stump with holes bored by insects in the decaying wood, close up macro Fresh Tall Green Trees in the Forest on a Sunny Day. Captured from Low Level Angle Point. Sunlight shining through the trunks of trees in open woodland casting long shadows on the ground Landscape of woodland trees with a view through their trunks and dappled sunshine to distant blue sky Long Concrete Stairs Near the River with Tall Trees and Green Grasses on the Sides. Background texture of old weathered wood with a rough surface and central radiating crack Yacht sailing on tranquil water at sunset passing through a bright orange beam of light reflected on the water

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