Remote homestead on a Scottish loch bounded by rugged mountain peaks on a misty day with blooming heather in the foreground Tranquil Scottish landscape with heather growing on the shores of a misty loch bounded by rugged mountain peaks Scottish highlands landscape of a small settlement of houses around a sandy beach on the shores of a loch below a towering mountain peak shrouded in mist Colorful magenta foxgloves growing in grass above a rocky shoreline with an arched road bridge visible in the distance on a misty day Old road bridge with arches in a misty mountainous landscape with flowering purple foxgloves in the foreground Colorful terraced houses and hotel on the waterfront overlooking fishing boats on the water in Portree, Isle of Skye Row of colorful fishermans houses on a terrace in Portree, Isle of Skye, painted pink, cyan and white fishing and pleasure boats in the harbour at portree, hebrides scotland Scottish roads showing a curving bend with a hazard sign warning of bends for 500 yards along a section of the coastline Tranquil Natural View with Tall Green Trees Along the road Side in Scotland Inter tidal marine coastal rock pool filled with an array of assorted seaweed on white beach sand on the seashore Rock pool with colorful assorted seaweed and seashells in the intertidal zone on the seashore at low tide Rusty forecastle of a boat with a safety railing around the bow and old ropes and equipment on deck National flag of Scotland flying on a flagpole overlooking a placid loch on a cold cloudy day Passing Place roadsign in Scotland on a single lane rural road indicating a safe place for vehicles traveling through the Highlands to pass Weather vane in the shape of a cock on top of a small cylindrical tower with a slate roof Scenic wilderness view with a babbling brook flowing through lush greenery against a mountain backdrop with clouds Purple Scottish thistle growing alongside a bubbling brook against a backdrop of high mountain peaks in the Scottish highlands Scottish thistle flowering alongside a meandering stream in the misty mountains of the Scottish Highlands Lush green Scottish landscape with high rugged mountains and a verdant plateau in the foreground under a cloudy sky Tree trunks of a pine plantation with lush green undergrowth in a nature or environmental background Rugged Highland mountains with a waterfall tumbling down the mountainside to the valley below in Scotland

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