Marine harbour Anstruther, Scotland at low tide looking out towards the entrance and lighthouse beacon Cars parked in front of row of quaint traditional homes and storefronts in Anstruther, Scotland Street scene in Anstruther, Scotland with a view of shops and apartments on a main road with bollards in the foreground wire fishing traps with fishing and pleasure boats and yachts moored in the harbour overlooked by waterfront houses, Anstruther, Scotland Breakwater and pier with lighthouse under partly cloudy sky in background at Anstruther, Scotland Motorboats and sailboats moored in the sheltered water in Anstruther harbour, Fife coast, Scotland Little white lighthouse at end of pier facing ocean under partly cloudy sky in Anstruther, Scottland Picturesque view of a tranquil Anstruther harbour on the Fife coast in Scotland with moored yachts, pleasure and fishing boats Picturesque white lighthouse, Anstruther, Scotland on the seawall at the entrance to the harbour with copy space on a blue sky Colorful fishing boat in Anstruther harbour, Scotland beached on the sand at low tide with a view of waterfront buildings behind Landscape view of the coastal town of Anstruther, Fife, Scotland looking across the beach to waterfront houses at low tide Seawall on the harbour or marina, Anstruther, Scotland with sheltered water in the foreground for safe mooring Flag on top of old weathered and stone town hall under blue sky with white clouds in Saint Andrews Scotland Empty winding two lane road with parked cars early in the morning in Anstruther, Scotland View down street with dark leafed tree hanging over cars in Saint Andrews, Scotland Bright sky showing through windows and doorway at front of Saint Andrews castle in Scotland Two people walking through a narrow back street past historic cottages and townhouses, St Andrews, Scotland View of ocean and rocky beach under overcast sky at old fishing harbor in Saint Andrews, Scotland View on front facade of Saint Andrews cathedral with early English type gothic arch and weathered bricks Gravestones and cemetery at St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland with the ruined walls of the historic building visible in the background Graceful Gothic stone arches and remnants of wall in St Andrews Cathedral ruins, Scotland against a grey sky with copy space Beautiful Scottish ruins of St. Andrews cathedral as feathery clouds stretch overhead Old ruins with windows and doorway at front of Saint Andrews cathedral in Scotland Detail of the St Andrews Cathedral ruins, Scotland showing the arched gothic windows in an ancient stone wall with view through to a hazy sky Low angle view on old stone carved tower of Saint Andrews Cathedral under partly sunny sky Rainy day in Cellardyke, Scotland with a view down a narrow winding street with historic houses Puddles of water on street, near apartments and automobiles under cloudy skies in Cellardyke, Scotland Narrow street in Cellardyke, Scotland lined with quaint cottages on a rainy overcast day Street view in the historic town of St Andrews, Scotland showing the old stone architecture, church and businesses Lovely scenic view of empty Scottish street with stone buildings on either side as the sun shines overhead Narrow lane down to the waterfront, Crail, Fife Coast, Scotland, lined with quaint cottages in a scenic landscape view View of quaint houses, boats in bay and stairway down to water in Crail on the Fife Coast in Scotland Birds eye view of docked boats at the historic Scottish fishing village of Crail in Scotland Scenic small boat harbour, Crail, Scotland on the Fife coast with steps leading to a seawall enclosing a sheltered fishing harbor with moored boats Colorful flowers on small rocky hill in front of fence near beach and breakwater at Fife Coast in Scotland Old stone cottages, Crail, Fife coast, Scotland on a deserted narrow lane leading down to the water and parked cars View from above past flowering plants of the sheltered picturesque harbour of Crail, Fife Coast, Scotland looking out to sea on a cloudy day High angle view of serene scottish marina enclosed by a stone wall separating it from the ocean Waterfront view of small fishing boats moored at Crail, Scotland, a picturesque fishing village on the Fife coast Little traditional houses built close together on downward empty road in Crail, Scotland Down street view of old historic buildings and well manicured hedges of Crail in Scotland Flowers growing in front of St Andrews Cathedral ruins in Scotland with the remnants of the medieval stone walls and graveyard under a cloudy sky with copy space

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