Helicopter on a sightseeing flight flying on a dark background with copyspace conceptual of travel and vacations Close up of a thermometer showing the scale on the glass of the tume and the temperature graduations Close Up of Red Hot Thermomter on Red Background, Studio Shot Cycle track sign on a marker showing uneven terrain marking the route of a recreational cycling track Angled view of the interior of a train carriage in motion on a cold day showing the seating from the rear Preparing Airplane for Take Off on Tarmac at Airport with Boarding Bridge Attached Qantas passenger airplane on the apron at an airport refueling and embarking passengers for an international flight, close up view of the front and pilots cockpit 474 Jumbo aircraft loading for departure with a passenger skybridge attached to the side for embarkation as it stands on the apron at the airport Four Colorful Tents of Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple Set Up in Grassy Clearing Group of colorful blue, orange and pink tents pitched on a wooded campsite conceptual of a vacation, travel and healthy lifestyle Background of euro banknotes arranged in an overlapping receding row with different denominations visible Close Up Still Life of Euro Bills and Coin Currency on Red Background Assorted cancelled Japanese stamps on a packet or letter, close up view Airport at sunset with a view along the exterior of the building onto the apron and an aircraft loading for departure Dramatic Sunrise or Sunset over Airport Tarmac Front close up view of an ambulance with the signage - Ambulance and Paramedic Close up detail of an ambulance showing the brightly colored signage on the door and large sign above the cab roof saying - Paramedic Close Up of Caduceus Medical Symbol on Rear Corner of Ambulance Vehicle Ambulance showing the snake and staff symbol of the emergency medical service with a portion of the rear door and red and yellow neon chevron visible Ambulance viewed from the rear with the colorful red and yellow emergency chevron signage around the doors with the word - Ambulance Low Angle View of Hot Air Balloon in Flight in Blue Sky Sausages grilling on a BBQ over smoking hot coals in a healthy outdoor lifestyle concept Fuel gauge on a motor vehicle showing a half full tank and a digital readout of the remaining range of the car at 170 miles Close Up of Key in Car Ignition in Off Position Shot from Above Car dashboard with the ignition switched on lighting up all the icons and lights during the engine check prior to starting View from an aircraft above a dense layer of white fluffy clouds to clear blue sky overhead Overview of Puffy Clouds in Blue Sky as if Shot from Airplane Large cruise ship or passenger liner at sea on a calm blue ocean conceptual of a summer vacation and travel Side view of a cruise ship looking down the length of the hull with decks of cabins and life boats strung along the side conceptual of a voyage, travel and vacation Water Level View of Cruise Ship Against Blue Sky Passenger ferry boat sailing offshore in a calm ocean in a travel and transport concept Colorful fireworks exploding in a night sky as a soaring rocket showers trails of fiery sparks in a festive pyrotechnic display at a celebration Long Exposure of Pink Fireworks Exploding in Sky Above Water at Night Fireworks display at a party or celebration with rockets bursting high in the sky in a colorful shower of fiery sparks Colorful red orange firework display with a rocket exploding in a ball of fiery sparks and trails in a night sky during a festival, carnival or celebration Driver Perspective of Car Waiting at Railway Crossing with Signals Flashing for Train to Pass Wad of old Yugoslav cash in denominations of 50 stacked carefully on a white background Background of Yugoslav banknotes fanned out in a receding line away from the camera Traffic on Multi Lane Highway Passing Beneath Overpass on Grey Day from Driver Perspective Retro plane with a view from underneath of the propeller and a single landing wheel as it flies overhead Internal flight with a small jet aircraft standing on the apron at the airport Two Passengers Boarding Small Airplane on Tarmac at Airport

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Rule Britannia.


A Tropical Island Getaway


# I come from a land downunder.....


Scotlands Second City, a beautiful place to visit.


Quaint fishing village on the yorkshire coast - uk


Full of Eastern Promise... and Neon!.


It's grim up north... or is it?

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