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Includes websites, software, games, demos, pdf documents, flash presentations, interactive video presentations, office documents and any other medium capable of having a hyperlink inserted.

You can link to either the image page that contains the photo you have used or to the site home page using the code below as an example

Link code "images by photoeverywhere" cut and paste:

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If you don’t want to add a text link to your page then as an alternative you can make the image itself a clickable link with the target being gallery page that contained the photo


Printed Use:
Includes but is not limited to books, magazines, newspapers, flyers, pamphlets, mugs, t-shirts, banners, posters, key-rings, mouse-mats, fridge-magnets, CD and DVD cover artwork, non-interactive video presentations etc.
The credit should be printed in the same way as any other photo credits in publication, if there are no other credits then place the credit somewhere on the same page or facing page. The credit at minimum is “”. An example is shown below:

sample image credit, click to view enlarged version




As an alternative to a text link one of the banners below may be used, each banner should link back to the home page or the image page when clicked.

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