Vivid sunset over the calm ocean as the orange orb of the sun just dips below the horizon View from the hill of drawaqa island, yasawas, fiji Fijian fire dancer performing on a beach amidst tongues of orange flames Shirtless barefoot fire dancer on Fiji twirling flaming sticks during a night performance on a sandy beach Fijian fire dancer performing with flaming branches on a sandy beach twirling them around his naked torso Barefoot footprints on a sandy beach leading away from the camera Man disappearing into the distance walking on a sandy beach close to the sea with footprints and shallow dof Looking down at a mans feet in a natural rocky Fijian foot bath with a floating hibiscus flower Footprints leading out of the sea across the golden sandy beach conceptual of a summer vacation in the tropics Beautiful scenic background of a tropical bay with golden sands, surf and palm trees waving in the breeze Man relaxing in a hammock strung between palm trees overlooking the ocean at a tropical island resort Single yellow hibiscus flower, cultivated for its showy tropical blooms, lying in a foot spa Pretty yellow hibiscus flower with a red centre and long stamen growing on a shrub outdoors in a garden Atmospheric shot of a small Fijian island boat in mid ocean with the suns rays piercing the clouds Jet skis moored in a line on open ocean waiting to be taken out on the water for personal enjoyment and recreation Kayaker in a small single kayak or canoe paddling in clear tropical water enjoying his summer vacation View across open blue ocean while cruising offshore of Yasawa Islands Fiji showing the rocky topography of these beautiful tropical islands Traditional Fijian drum or lali standing under a tree with a thatched village house visible behind Building a lovo, or earth oven, in Fiji which is simply a pit in ther ground with hot coals on which the food is placed and then covered with green vegetation to retain the heat Man tending to a lovo, or earth oven, which is a cooking pit in the ground which is covered with hot coals and charcoal which he is fanning with a palm frond Food preparation for a Fijian lovo where it is first wrapped in plaited palm envelopes before being put into the earth oven to cook Large Manta ray swimming overhead in the ocean as it goes on its way feeding on plankton Tropical palm tree background with tall crowns of fronds against a blue sky symbolic of a vacation or travel in the tropics Cropped view image of male feet relaxing in a hammock overlooking a tropical beach with palm trees, shallow dof panoramic view of fringing coral reefs and a sailing catamaran at anchor Luxury pleasure yacht at Beachcomber Island, Fiji with thatched beach umbrellas visible on the beach Empty tropical sandy beach with footprints leading from the sparkling clear blue sea diagonally across and then off frame Sandy tropical beach with gentle surf and windblown palm trees as an idyllic location for your summer vacation Barefoot footprints alongside the sea leading away from the camera across the sandy beach Underwater view of large intricate fan corals with a scuba diver swimming past behind them Cropped view image of a man going scuba diving holding a pair of flippers with air tanks and equipment propped up on the beach alongside him An air tank and diving equipment wait on a sandy beach as a group of divers load their boat before going for a scuba dive View along the sandy beach of a secluded tropical bay fringed with palm trees Setting sun over the ocean shing through a break in the heavy cloud cover with a delicate pink glow illuminating the water Beautiful natural background of a tropical beach shaded by palms against a clear blue tropical ocean Shady tree with large green leaves offering cool shade and shelter from the hot tropical sun Cropped view of a man floating in crystal clear tropical water wearing flippers with a snork and goggles in his hand Man snorkeling in shallow crystal clear water off a tropical island beach floating on his back clearing his goggles Person snorkeling or skin diving in clear blue tropical water sparkling with the reflection of the sun Man lying on his back wearing a pair of fins snorkeling in clear tropical water off a Fijian island View across open ocean with copyspace to South Sea Island, an idyllic small Fijian resort island Looking up at the fronds of tropical coconut palms lit by the sun on a summer vacation in the tropics

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