Wide open sandy beach with trails of footprints under cloudy sky at Saint Andrews, Scotland Shorefront ruins of old historic castle at the waters edge on the fife coast, in Saint Andrews, Scotland old cobble or set stone streets in st andrews, fife, scotland View on old ruins of Saint Andrews cathedral from grassy knoll with wildflowers and mountains in the far distance Medieval stone walls and entrance of St Andrews Castle, Scotland situated on cliffs overlooking the ocean to the north of the town of St Andrews St Andrews Cathedral ruins, St Andrews, Scotland showing the remnants of the historic stone walls and Gothic spires under a cloudy grey sky tall ruin tower of St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland with the remnants of an old Gothic window alongside a spire against a cloudy blue sky Open air restaurant on cobblestone street in quaint business area of Saint Andrews, Scotland Low tide with seaweed covered rocks under partly cloudy sky with mountains at far background in Saint Andrews, Scotland Pair of little white tug boats in low tide water at famous landmark Saint Andrews pier in Scotland Old wire crab and lobster pots on the quay overlooking the harbour, St Andrews, Scotland Scottish flag flying in St Andrews, Scotland fluttering in the wind on a white flagpole against a hazy blue sky Picturesque view of the stone Swilken Bridge on St Andrews golf course, Scotland spanning a meandering stream between fairways with the town in the background Picturesque old stone Swilken Bridge connecting the fairways on St Andrews gold course in St Andrews, Scotland under a grey cloudy sky View across an open field of St Andrews, Scotland with its historic architecture in a scenic landscape for a travel and tourism concept Cozy seaside harbour with small motor boats docked beside stone wall under a cloudy sky Flowing baskets near old stone church block entrance with arch in Saint Andrews, Scotland Rear view of various tourists walking down street in front of small cafe at Saint Andrews, Scotland Vertical detail close up of old stone tower ruins of Saint Andrews Cathedral in Scotland Arched Gothic stone entrance to St Andrews, Fife, Scotland a popular historic tourist attraction Two rows of old stone brick residential buildings on narrow road in Scotland near Saint Andrews Old stone pier or seawall at the fishing harbour in St Andrews Scotland, UK, with a small fishing boat moored against the quay Golfers playing a round of golf on the course at St Andrews, Scotland with the clubhouse visible in the distance under a cloudy grey sky Beautiful medieval Scottish city with St Andrews Cathedral at its center Street level view on round corner of stone block building in Saint Andrews, Scotland View from old graveyard in front of historic ruins of Saint Andrews Cathedral in Scotland The ruins of Saint Andrews Castle near the fife shoreline, Scotland Deserted beach on the Fife coast at St Andrews, Scotland bordered by lush green grass curving away into the distance on a cloudy day Three little cars parked on street near tree with old ruins of cathedral in Saint Andrews, Scottland Street scene in St Andrews, Scotland with rows of parked cars in front of historic buildings on a quiet sunny day Ancient architecture of St Andrews University, Scotland with a close up view of a corner tower, upper floor windows and rooftop Gated university grounds with lush green lawn and adjoining stone buildings Swilken Bridge, St Andrews golf course, Scotland with a view of the town behind and a group of people on the fairway Large equilateral type ancient archway in little street of historic Saint Andrews, Scotland Close up of second floor of town hall with flag waving at top in Saint Andrews, Scotland Exterior facade of the town hall St Andrews, Fife , Scotland, a historic landmark in a cropped close up view Old stone building, St Andrews University, Scotland, one of the most prestigious universities in UK and attended by Prince William Green grass in foreground of outer wall for the old Saint Andrews Cathedral in Scotland. Includes copy space. Lovely stone building at the west port, st andrews, with conical roofed tower and rookery with lone flag flying on white pole Stone carvings on the West Port, or historic gate to the town, St Andrews, Scotland Seagulls standing in the shallow water of a low tide on the beach at St Andrews, Scotland under a grey cloudy sky in a scenic landscape Cut rock with doorway and staircase with traditional Scottish houses in Pittenweem Scotland, the entry way to access st fillan's cave.

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